Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Little Things - Again

I spent most of yesterday at work revamping a series of spreadsheets. That kind of work is not rocket surgery - or brain science - so to keep myself entertained I kept thinking about a paragraph in the novel that I knew I needed to add. I didn't write it down but just kept turning it over and over, phrasing it a certain way, choosing words, listening to it over and over, and imagining the scene.

By the time I got home I had it pretty much the way I wanted it, and when I finally got around to inserting it, it fit in very nicely. Once I saw it on the screen I found ways to make it an even better fit, and then this morning I thought of a couple of other touches, too, that would help without going overboard.

I don't often take that long to write just a couple of lines, but it was exciting to play with the words and anticipate adding them to the story, and it's the unexpected surprises that make it so much fun.


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