Saturday, March 26, 2005

Bobby at 15

I'm a visual writer. I need an image to help me frame a story, and as I write I often think about the look of the space where the stories take place and what the people look like.

I came across this picture in my old photo files. I remember where I took the picture, but I don't know the kid's name; he was in a group shot that I was asked to take when I went to visit a friend and his family in Colorado back in the summer of 2000.
I cropped it down and fiddled with the contrast, and the result was what I imagined Bobby Cramer looked like when he was about fifteen. He's looking hopeful, but a little wary.

Anyway, that's what I see.



Blogger zozosma said...

i like to do it that way too. it's very helpful. actually, i've gone on specific trips to get photos of places and things, so i can better write about it.

2:02 PM  

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